Life Goes On!

I had worked in the field of Forestry for 20+ years. My boss and I had an ongoing joke. The joke was, when my Multiple Sclerosis became unmanageable and I had to leave work he was going to be so jealous. While I am out bird watching and smelling the flowers he will be in 5 hour meetings or swatting the mosquitos away on a very wet day. Well, he was right as usual, I am enjoying the birds, bees, and flowers, and I do not have to worry about the bears anymore. I always appreciated the outdoors, but now I absolutely can’t wait to be outside even if it is my front yard in my wheelchair. Of course I dream of the days I rappelled out of helicopters into forest fires, biked to the hot springs, played basketball, and hiked many trails. Reality is memories are forever and so are pictures.


Why Birds Matter Video?  Birds entertain me.

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