Picking Mushrooms

Today I was reminded of my great mushroom picking adventures. I would drive home from a long day of work and do some reconnaissance for my week end adventures. Trust me my adventures were always filled with adrenalin from finding mushrooms to tow trucks to hotsprings.

No. #1

I really liked showing my friends the mushrooms. Thrill of the mushroom hunt, didn’t matter if you found any, the adrenalin, freshair, exercise and friends was far superior.

Of course the only people I would tell where I picked were the adventurous people that dared to accept my invitation. The most famous trip ended with no mushrooms even scouted and a very expensive tow truck bill. I remember it was rainy and sunny perfect fall picking but… I got the truck stuck on a mud landing. Luckily I had radio tel. My brother on his sunday day off, came to rescue me, almost had my truck unstuck but… his truck got stuck too.

Another fun day my sister, cousin and I ventured 3 hrs from home and had a family bonding moment. We picked a box of mushrooms made a few bucks but the memory is priceless. As we would find mushrooms the forest would become like little kids in the candy shop. This is the adrenalin I speak of.

Heading back to the truck story well the tow truck got our trucks operational again so we decided to go hotspringing for the rest of the day. Oh, I miss the hotsprings.

dried mushrooms

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