My Garden

I really luv gardening. The other day I realized the parsley needed trimming. The next logical step was how can I utilize the parsley in our everday food. SOUP! A nice potato parsley carrot puree , very tasty.

What’s new in this years garden, pac choi, peas, a french type of spinach, seed that was given to me from my a friend from germany, carrots and radishes  pre spaced on a strip of biodegradable tissue.

With my MS hands prespaced seed is very helpful ,  many seeds like carrots, onions, lettuce are too small for me to deal with.

Moving vegetables around is refreshing, already the peas are in the wettest garden and growing well.  The dill seeded in from last year, nice perk. The tomato plants are not having to deal with roof water and should be very productive this year.

Last on the todo list is move the blueberries and let everything grow.

Why do I have a garden, it gives me an excuse to be outside

May 21 2014 Garden

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