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Greyhound Canada – Disability Travel

Our goal is to make your travel on Greyhound a safe, pleasant and convenient experience. Our drivers, customer service personnel and contractors are available to meet the needs of passengers with special needs. We provide assistance with boarding and de-boarding buses, luggage, transfers, stowage and retrieval of mobility devices. This service is provided during transfers, meal and rest stops and other times as reasonably requested. We can help whether you are traveling alone, using various mobility devices, or being accompanied by a service animal.

Personal Care Attendant On request, Greyhound will provide a personal care attendant with a traveling ticket to be used by this attendant accompanying a person with a disability on the scheduled route for no extra charge. Greyhound will accept the determination made by or on behalf of a person with a disability that the person does not require a personal care attendant during travel. However, a person wishing to travel with a personal care attendant must provide a letter from a health care professional, or a disability travel card issued by a recognized organization representing consumers with disabilities which uses a health care professional in assessing that a person cannot travel independently.
Greyhound will acknowledge its acceptance that a person requires a personal care attendant by issuing an entitlement card. To fill out an entitlement card before your day of travel, please contact BIRC at 1-877-653-3649. This acknowledgement can then be used by the person for any future bus travel on scheduled services with any operator covered by this Code.

A passenger who is able to climb the stairs of the coach without assistance. Passengers who cannot climb the stairs of the coach on their own must travel with a wheelchair and request a wheelchair-accessible coach through Greyhound Travel Assist Office at 1-800-752-4841.





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